Coasters - Mug Club.jpg
Coasters - Mug Club.jpg

Coaster Club


Coaster Club

A rug for your mug club

stop by the brewery to join



  • Handmade Ceramic Coaster
  • Ready to be filled 750ml Swingtop or 2L Swingtop Growler 
  • $1 Off all full-pour beers all the time*
  • 15% Off Beer-To-Go*
  • 15% Off Merchandise*
* Certain very limited release items or merchandise might not receive discounts

$50 annually


  • Includes everything from the Standard Membership
  • Design your own beer with our brewer
  • Brew your beer on our 3.5bbl system
  • Release event for your beer at the brewery
  • A 50L Keg of your beer  

$500 annually