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Oracle Brewing started as an idea between friends.  With deep curiosity and fascination, some industry experience and mutual desire to do good in our community, the brewery took life.  Oracle is a creative outlet as well as a means to bring pleasure and joy into peoples lives. We like to pay homage to tradition while keeping things fresh and tuned to our palates. We always strive to give our best to Saginaw.

More than A place

You can find Oracle in the heart of Old City Saginaw. The building which contains our space was constructed in 1905 and has served many through the years, from dentists and photographers to retailers and actors.  Through the renovation we did our best to maintain the integrity of the original construction and to highlight the craftsmanship of those a century before us.   The result is a laid back space where our community meets. a space where ideas, curiosity and creativity flourish.


We don’t like fast or pushy. Slow down, contemplate, question and taste. Do things at your own pace. Come see us when you're ready for another.

Elevate your beer

Careful consideration is put into each beer and it’s presentation. Every beer get the glass that best enhances its character and personality.  

Gratuity Free

We take care of our own.  

We firmly believe the responsibility of paying our employees lies with us. As such, we provide our staff with a fair and livable wage with commission based incentives. We believe this facilitates a simplified experience with better service. It promotes fairness and fights prejudice of all kinds.

Food Friendly

With some of the best chefs in the region for neighbors, we stay hyper focused on beer and leave the food to them. Most do takeout and some will even deliver to your table. Need a recommendation? Let us know what you’re in the mood for, we're happy to help! Feel free to bring a picnic from home or get a party catered.

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