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About Us


About Us


Oracle Brewing Company started off, as many ventures do, an idea between friends.  With home-brewing roots, some industry experience and mutual desire to do good things for our community, the idea took on life.  Oracle was built as both a creative outlet, allowing us to design, brew and serve our beer, and as a means to expand our ability to personally benefit our community.  We strive to brew unique, premium beers that pay homage to tradition, but also push the envelope a little in a constantly evolving beer culture.  And we always strive to give our best to Saginaw.

Our Space

Located in the Graebner building in Old City Saginaw, the space that would one day become Oracle Brewing Co., was first built as a Dime-store.  It served many other purposes throughout the years, most recently as the headquarters for the Saginaw County Democrats.  Through our renovation we strived to maintain the integrity of the original construction and even uncovered a few gems during the process.   We ended up with laid back, comfortable space that fosters conversation, and a 3.5 bbl brewery in the back.    

Pub Style

As with everything we do, our service style is a little different too.  We want you to enjoy your beer at your own pace, so come up and see us at the bar when you're ready for another one. 


Careful consideration went into our particular array of glassware.  Each beer is presented in a glass that, we feel, best allows it to show off its color, texture and aroma.  We make room for a thick lacy head, add the option of a half pint, and pour the beers that deserve it in stemware.

Gratuity Free

Being idealistic in nature, we don't want you to be responsible for paying our employees.  That's why we decided to provide our staff with a livable wage and commission based incentives.  The price you see is the price you pay.  You cover your beer and we'll cover the rest.  Still got a couple dollars burning a hole in your pocket?  Grab some beer to go! 

Food Friendly

We don't have our own kitchen, so feel to bring in anything you like.  Check out some of our great neighborhood options for take out, a few of them are willing to deliver straight to your table.  Need a recommendation? We're happy to tell you about our favorites!